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Congility is a content consumer platform providing content delivery solutions that transform technical content into accessible information dynamically tailored to the individual user.

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Content with Agility

  • Congility Portal is the customizable content consumer site for creating unparalleled self-service experiences tailored to individual – internal and external – user roles.
  • Congility Content Server is the hub for all content delivery. It is a full-featured content delivery platform for online documentation portals and content-as-a-service delivery for embedded or IoT applications.
  • Congility Mobile delivers content from a CCMS to iOS, Android, Windows and macOS mobile and desktop apps with full offline capability.

Product Sheet

Congility Portal

Congility Portal

  • Customize Your Content Consumer Site
  • Tailor Content Access to Specific Users or Roles
  • Collect User Feedback
  • Record User Interactions and Usage Data
  • Control Internal and External Content Delivery

Congility Content Server

Congility Content Server

  • Integrate with Any CCMS
  • Extend and Grow Your Content
  • Incorporate DITA and non-DITA Formats
  • Create Smart Content with Semantic Markup
    • Improved Performance
    • Dynamic Links
    • Intelligent Search

Congility Mobile

  • Download Content to Any Device
  • Repurpose Existing Content
  • Personalize the User Experience
  • Use Full Text Search and Faceted Filtering
  • Utilize Mobile Device Features
  • Track Usage with Detailed Analytics

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