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RSuite Redaction

Protecting & Securing High-Value Content

Automated Redaction Technology

RSuite® Redaction provides the capability for users to move away from manual redaction and allows electronic data and metadata to be redacted automatically. Users can create pre-defined rules and/or templates that govern redaction.

RSuite Redaction enhances releasability rules compliance and also reduces the time required to redact content and finished products. Organizations using our software have seen a 95% reduction in redaction times and fewer errors. Organizations can purchase RSuite Redaction individually or as an add-on to our component content management system (CCMS), RSuite® Enterprise.

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  • Finished, redacted secondary work products generated automatically based on dynamic rule sets, using client-defined templates
  • Redaction and approval workflows automated and configured to implement business rules that monitor the process
  • Open APIs to integrate with 3rd-party applications
  • Validation and verification steps to confirm the redaction of critical information
  • User-guided redaction interface for creating redaction templates
  • Enormous productivity improvement over manual redaction – up to a 95% reduction in the time to remove unauthorized content

RSuite Redaction Features


Redaction Rules
User Administration
Work Product Templates


LDAP Integration
SAML & JWT Authentication
Role-Based Access
Certified for DoD Use


User Interface Components
Data Services
Work Products

Productivity Multiplier

Automated Redaction
User Guided Redaction
Automatic Work Product Creation
Seamless 3rd-Party Integration


SaaS Offering
Automatic Software Updates
On-Premise or Cloud Hosting


Content in XML
Workflows in BPMN
Standard Product Formats


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