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Animation and Interactive Manuals

Contiem creates engaging, responsive multimedia solutions that add value to your technical documentation and training by providing flexible, content-rich user experiences to reach audiences on any device.

A strategic visual design approach that includes responsive multimedia creates a platform for interactivity — from simply viewing documents to engaging in content-rich user experiences.

The value of responsive multimedia design lies in its flexibility. Imagine being able to provide internal and external audiences with videos, animations, and interactive multimedia elements that adapt to any device technology to display consistently across PCs, tablets, and phones. With responsive design, you can show product features or demonstrate tasks with videos, simple animations, or engaging interactive multimedia experiences that reach audiences at work, home, or out and about without degrading quality or sacrificing content.

Interactive Manuals

These upgrades from PDF manuals enhance the customer experience and do a great job of meeting people where they are as the demand for online, phone- or tablet-based interactive content increases. They bridge the gap between traditional manuals and videos — easier to understand than text-heavy instructions and more efficient than watching (and often pausing and rewinding) lengthy videos. Click the images below for the interactive experience on any device.

Spalding interactive manual

THD interactive manual

2D & 3D Animation

Click to run these short, 2D and 3D animations. Easier than video to update, they show how discrete steps or processes can supplement any documentation, work as standalone manuals, or introduce a product or service.

RMB animation

Dometic animation

Product Overview with Professional Voiceover
Even minimal narration can keep your audience focused on your product or service.

Dometic animationContent for Any Audience
Animated instruction can serve any level of expertise and is easy to keep up-to-date as your products evolve.

Short Installation Procedure
Short instructions cater to today’s short attention spans to show discrete steps in a process, often with more success than sifting through text-heavy instruction.

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