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Document! X and HelpStudio enable software developers and technical writers worldwide to produce professional-quality documentation, help systems, and procedures cost-effectively and with minimum friction. The tools make your components, applications, web services, schemas, and databases easier to use and maintain, reducing support requirements while improving quality and productivity.

Document! X

Generate professional, accurate, and up-to-date reference documentation for .NET assemblies, COM components and type libraries, web APIs and services, Java projects, databases (Access, SQL Server, Oracle, OLE DB), XSD schemas, and JavaScript. Document! X includes free-format Help topic authoring functionality for tutorials, getting started guides, and other conceptual Help.

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This is the natural choice for authoring end-user help to accompany a desktop application, comprise a website help system, or provide a procedural manual. HelpStudio includes a complete suite of conceptual help authoring support tools to generate output in cross-platform, Web Help, automatically responsive for tablet and mobile, or printable PDF.

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