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Contiem: Your Managed Content Solutions Provider

Sometimes your content management requires a new strategy. When your business challenges are complex, or you’re facing a large undertaking that has you wondering where to start, it’s best to step back and let a content solutions expert take a big-picture view.

Contiem’s consulting services team is what you need when your content management situation is complex, not keeping pace with the rest of your business, or needs an expert set of eyes — we are the world’s only complete managed content solutions provider. Our senior information architects have vast experience in many different industries and understand the tools and best practices necessary to create the right content solutions.

Contiem will comprehend your business challenges and propose solutions that make sense for your company. We will look at how your technical documentation and courseware will interact within your organization, who will utilize it, and how they will access and process your content.

By evaluating how your content will be developed, consumed, and interpreted, we are better able to solve your business challenges and help you achieve your business goals. We offer holistic strategies for leveraging content inside your company and among your customers and partners.

Some organizations are challenged by growth, mergers, requirements, etc., and need an expert consultant to find a better solution for their technical content challenges. A Contiem content analysis and design report will provide you with a road map on how to effectively manage the content that informs about your company’s products, processes, and software.

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The Initial Meeting

A member of the Contiem consulting services team will be involved with your project from the early stages of the sales process. Their objective is to gain an understanding of the project and how it relates to your business needs. The consulting services team provides a clearly defined scope of work that allows us to determine a fixed price for your technical documentation and content work.

Analysis of Your Content, Environment, and Needs

Beginning with gaining an understanding of your issues, challenges, and needs, Contiem’s managed content solutions cover everything involved in your content’s design, development, organization, maintenance, synchronization, translation, security, and publishing.

Recommendations Discussion

Contiem will provide and discuss with you an in-depth documentation strategy recommendations report including authoring tools, delivery platform, information architecture and taxonomy, and associated processes. We will cover your current and future content audience(s) to ensure the appropriate voice for and accessibility of your content. We will provide mockups of our proposed solutions to facilitate decision-making.

From there, we will help you select the right strategy.

Path to Implementation

After your documentation strategy is established, the Contiem consulting services information architect will work closely with the Contiem project team to implement the tools and processes outlined in the recommendations report, and to structure, organize, and create the content.

During the Project

While work is ongoing the Contiem information architect will continue to look for opportunities for improvement within the content process and places where we may be able to reduce unit costs. Your goals and objectives may shift; it is our mission to make sure your content solution is flexible and scalable to meet those objectives.

The Ongoing Relationship

Our consulting services team focuses on learning the latest trends and best practices for technical writing, processes, and courseware; we are always looking for new and better ways of doing things. For the duration of your partnership with Contiem, your information architect will evaluate your solution to make sure it meets your specific needs.

Who is reading your documentation? Everyone.

Our information architects work to improve your content and how it is accessed by your customers as well as internal users. Nearly everyone in your organization contributes to or consumes your product documentation. By providing robust documentation to not only your customers but also your internal users, product sales can improve while frustration from customers and employees likely will decrease.

This is why our consulting services and the Contiem approach have attracted many industry leaders – we go beyond what other courseware, writing and content management consultants provide. We don’t just look at words or sell you a CMS; we develop a content strategy that will help you reach your evolving business objectives.

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