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HelpStudio is the fastest, easiest way to create and publish procedures, documentation, and help systems and integrate them with your desktop, web, or mobile applications or components.

Generate output in cross-platform Web Help, automatically responsive for tablet and mobile, or printable PDF. Built in localization support means that you can take your help system to a global audience if required.

Product Sheet

Authoring and Collaboration

HelpStudio seamlessly combines a feature-packed WYSIWYG authoring environment, HTML-based layout templates, and customizable content widgets to make it simple to create and localize consistent, professional-looking help systems with minimum effort. We remove the dependency on Word or other editor, and integrate with Source Control for teamwork and collaboration.

rich content authoring environment
link designer
css tools
topic editor
unicode support
Rich Content Authoring Environment
Link Designer
CSS Standards Based Styles Support
Topic Editor
Unicode Support
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Import Existing Content

Quickly get up and running by importing your content from a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word, Adobe RoboHelp, or plain HTML files.

Include Externally Managed Content

Use HelpStudio’s External Content Sources functionality to reference source content you must manage outside your HelpStudio Project — from an external web page or Quip document, refreshed automatically each time you preview or build.


Use a single project to create multiple outputs. Leverage Build Profiles, Build Flags, Project Properties, Rules, and a range of filter options to create multiple outputs from a single project source.

booklet editor
help project properties
Build Profiles and Build Flags
Booklet Editor
Project Properties
Build Profiles and Build Flags
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Sample Outputs

Output to cross-platform Web Help, automatically responsive for tablet and mobile, or printable PDF, from a single source and automatically publish to a web site, FTP server, or network location.

Easily integrate the generated output with one of several popular Community Comment services.

community features
output to pdf
cross platform web help
visual studio help
help publishing
responsive output
Community Features
PDF Booklet
Cross-Platform Web Help
Visual Studio Help
Publish to network path, FTP, Azure, and IIS
Tablet and Mobile Support
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Need to generate reference or API documentation?

The companion product to HelpStudio, Document! X, contains all the tools you need to author and build great technical reference documentation for .NET Assemblies, COM Components, Databases, XSD Schemas, Java Projects, JavaScript, and Web Services.

You can use Document! X on its own, or install the bundle to get the superset of functionality from both Document! X and HelpStudio, seamlessly combined in a single application. Choose the bundle if you are producing reference documentation but would like the benefits of the additional conceptual help authoring tools included in HelpStudio.

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