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Content Management

RSuite is the CCMS backbone that allows you to automate, manage, and publish all your digital content from a single system. With patented semantic search capabilities, dynamic reflowable outputs, and Department of Defense-level security, we offer all-in-one content solutions that drive efficiencies across your entire content ecosystem.

What Is a CCMS?

A Component Content Management System (CCMS) is a platform that allows content management at a component level. A component can be any piece of the final deliverable puzzle — a single word, a series of paragraphs, an image, a video, etc. A CCMS tracks links, versions, and metadata associated with each component, giving you granular control of your content. With the power of an efficient CCMS you can:

  • Manage content as individual paragraphs and words instead of pages or documents
  • Support single-sourced versioning, so there is one governing content source
  • Access multi-channel publishing into any output format or system
  • Reuse content instead of re-writing or copying and pasting
  • Translate and track updates to translated content
  • …and much more!

Why Implement a CCMS?

A CCMS vastly differs from a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS tracks content as deliverables, such as documents, pages, or posts, and formatting is applied while the document is being created. Within a CCMS, content is managed as pieces of documents or other media that can be used to assemble any number of deliverables.

Contiem offers the world’s only patent-protected CCMS platform coupled with content development services that regularly save our clients thousands of hours in productivity.  We do this by automating tasks that formerly took several hours or even days down to a few seconds.

RSuite CCMS Implementation Services

Semantic Search Technology

Seven of Contiem’s patents are in semantic technology.

One of the most potent aspects of RSuite CCMS is its Search Tools which include our Semantic Search capability, where search matches are based on meaning and context, not just the literal text, to return more complete information that best matches the searcher’s intent.

To answer a query, semantic technologies can directly search topics, concepts, and associations that span a vast number of sources. They provide an abstraction layer above existing information technologies to facilitate the bridging and interconnection of data, content, and processes. Semantic technologies take your content use to a new level with far more intelligent, capable, relevant, and responsive interaction.

Our Semantic Search Tools accelerate the content development and management processes and derive new insights, better understanding, and more value from your content.

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RSuite Standard

RSuite Standard provides an out-of-the-box deployment platform for managing content and data. The RSuite Standard platform is used for authoring, editorial review and approval, content transformation, and rendering in multiple output formats.

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RSuite Enterprise

RSuite Enterprise is a highly configurable content management platform, offered as a commercial cloud or on-premise hosted solution. RSuite Enterprise’s flexible configuration and powerful automation are used to create, manage, deliver, and repurpose their valuable multi-channel content with speed and ease.

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RSuite Redaction

RSuite Redaction provides the capability for users to move away from manual redaction and allows electronic data and metadata to be redacted automatically. Users create pre-defined rules and/or templates that govern the redaction of data.

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RSuite Publish

RSuite Publish is an XML publishing system that utilizes robust rendering development to publish complex, highly-styled documents. It can be integrated with DITA and XML editing tools using free plug-ins for XMetaL and oXygen. Composition is fully automatic and can be integrated seamlessly into an existing CMS or CCMS.

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notusCSDB is a Common Source Database (CSDB) for S1000D authoring teams. It is fast, lightweight, and simple to use, allowing S1000D projects to be up and running in less than a day. notusCSDB is robust, yet intuitive to use, and provides assistance throughout the implementation process. With its clean dashboard and clear division of functionality between user roles, notusCSDB is the right choice for S1000D projects.

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