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Content Delivery Software

Contiem offers a suite of software products to deliver the right content to the right users in the right format.
From XML publishing tools to our completely customizable interactive content consumer portal, our tools are designed to make the most efficient use of your content to offer you and your customers unparalleled self-service experiences.


Congility is a content consumer platform providing content delivery solutions that transform technical and non-technical content into accessible information dynamically tailored to the individual user.

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TopLeaf publishes complex DITA/XML content with ease, creating multiple output formats via customizable stylesheets in a fraction of the time required by traditional content publishing methods. Facilitate consistency and standardization throughout your data distribution and publishing system from anywhere, at any time. Web-based protocols enable communication between online platforms and the TopLeaf Server, integrating your cloud-based CMS or CCMS with the capabilities of TopLeaf.

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Created to generate S1000D standards-based publications, notusBookBuild is an engine that reads publication modules, assimilates the required data modules and their related ICNs (graphics, multimedia, etc.), and builds the output into the format of your choice.

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IdXML (InDesign XML) is a DITA Open Toolkit plugin that enables DITA content to be mapped to an arbitrary XML structure and intelligently imported into Adobe InDesign.

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