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About Us

The Industry Leading Content Services Provider

Contiem has been the trusted content partner for companies and organizations such as American Express, the U.S. Federal Government, The Home Depot, UnitedHealthcare, Cisco Systems, Eaton, eBay, and many more.

We are driven to be the best in our industry, continually challenging the status quo and ourselves; we are uniquely focused on providing effective content solutions designed to help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Ready to engage a full-service partner that can handle every content need your business requires?
We offer a full suite of content-centric technology tools, but that's not all. We offer complete content lifecycle management, from analysis and ground-up development to translation and training to publishing and ongoing maintenance.

The Content Solution Mindset

We aren’t just content or software developers; we focus on providing comprehensive content solutions. This requires skilled technical writers, information architects, instructional designers, and visual media experts coupled with component content management system (CCMS) software developers and implementation engineers. We know that we must first understand your needs and goals prior to recommending how to best develop and manage your content. Whether you need us to write, format, illustrate, animate, organize, manage, synchronize, translate, secure, and publish your content, or a subset of those efforts, we will leverage our best-in-class skill sets and extensive experience working with hundreds of companies to develop a solution that meets your specific needs.

Part of the Contiem advantage comes from working with industry leaders to develop solutions for all types of business challenges. We have worked with companies that are going through mergers and need to rebrand hundreds of documents, and we have worked with companies that engaged us to design and implement entire content ecosystems that support all their documentation and training needs. We also have worked with companies to devise fresh approaches to developing and supporting the content they require with a focus on reducing costs and shortening publishing cycles. This defines our Content Solution Mindset.

Why Contiem?

Why We're Trusted

We help companies achieve their business objectives by turning the challenge of producing and managing the quality content they require into an opportunity for their company to excel. We focus on producing professional-quality content that supports our clients’ products, processes, and software, as well as content management solutions to organize, optimize, translate, synchronize, secure, and publish it all.

Our pledge is to provide every client a project team, led by a Contiem project manager, that learns about their unique business needs. The project manager will ensure that we deliver the content solutions you require — on time and on budget — supported by a project team comprised of professionals who possess the requisite skills and experience — Contiem employees, not contractors.

Our team is dedicated to providing the infrastructure, process, and project management that allows you to hand off even the most complex projects with complete confidence. We track all project deliverables and budgets at a detailed level, so you don’t have to, and we streamline the quality control process and provide data integrity every step of the way.

We are headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, and have U.S. offices in Florida, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, with additional staff located around the country, including Contiem employees working full-time at some of our clients’ facilities. Outside the U.S., our offices are located in India, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

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