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Document! X delivers the best of both worlds by seamlessly combining automatic documentation of compiled COM Components, Controls, or Type Libraries with a full WYSIWYG authoring environment. The generated COM documentation is an accurate and comprehensive documentation set for your components covering Classes, Structs, Interfaces, Methods, Properties, and Events.

Document! X will use any existing COM HelpString attributes (the descriptive attributes compiled into the component for Intellisense tooltips) where available. If you have defined Help Context IDs for your COM Components members, Document! X ensures all topics are given matching Context IDs such that context sensitive Help called when the component is being used will invoke the correct Help topic.

Content Authoring Options

Document! X can automatically use XML comments in your Java source code. You can view the XML source comments while you are editing to spot areas needing expansion or replacement.

You can also choose to author content in the Document! X Content File Editor. Content can be configured to extend (combine with) or override any existing source comments according to your preference. This approach allows you to include basic documentation in the source code and use the rich Document! X Content File Editor to supplement it with examples, more detailed descriptions etc.

Source Descriptions
Content File Editor
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Object Model Diagrams

Document! X automatically generates object relationship diagrams for your classes.
Specific relationships can be ignored where necessary (e.g. a relationship back to a parent object). Collection objects are automatically recognized and appropriately represented.

object model diagram

Single-Source Build and Publish

Your documentation projects can be generated to cross-platform Web Help, automatically responsive for tablet and mobile, or printable PDF. The specific requirements for the different output formats are handled automatically and you can build all outputs from a single project. Automatic publishing makes it quick and simple to deploy the generated output to your website, FTP server, or network location.

Responsive Output
Automatic Publishing
Community Features
Web Help
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Sample Outputs

These samples illustrate output which can be generated by Document! X right out of the box.
All of the Document! X templates are fully customizable and can be easily adapted or extended to meet your specific requirements.

Property Page
Enumeration Page
Class Overview Page
Members Page
Method Page
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Documentation Style and Functionality

COM documentation templates are provided reflecting the Visual Studio documentation styles so that users of the documentation you produce will be familiar with the structure, layout, style, and functionality.

Template-Based Customization

  • Create new comment types for use in source code comments.
  • Adapt existing templates to match your existing corporate style and color scheme.
  • Customize Table of Contents definitions according to your requirements.
  • Fine tune the standard phrases and terminology used by Document! X to match your standards.

Authoring Examples

The easy-to-use Example Code Designer included in the Content Editors makes adding multi-language examples a breeze. In-line or linked examples can be created and example code is automatically colorized in the generated output.


Document! X supports several different languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Russian) for the phrases used in the generated output. All of the phrases and terminology in the generated output can be configured according to preference.

Document! X allows you to author content for multiple languages within a single project, showing you an embedded tip for the primary locale content when you are authoring in the Content File Editor for a secondary locale. If you use the Document! X and HelpStudio bundle you can export and import your localized content in XLIFF format; the industry standard for sharing content with translation providers.


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