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SAP ERP End-User Training Development

Waukesha Electric Systems


SPX Transformer Solutions, previously known as Waukesha Electric Systems, Inc. (WES) at the time of this project, is one of the largest US manufacturers providing electric utilities, power transformers, and transformer service solutions throughout the United States.

WES made the decision to implement a company-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution from SAP. The new system impacted every aspect of their business from Manufacturing and Engineering to Accounting and Sales.

Because the new system impacted how every department did its job, WES needed a comprehensive plan for training hundreds of employees. WES partnered with Contiem to develop training materials necessary to both educate employees and facilitate their acceptance of the SAP ERP system.

WES required that the 30-plus training modules target the specific needs of the individual end-user, and be consistent with other modules to facilitate development of a common language and understanding of the new system.


Contiem put together a small team whose initial task was to develop the training methodology followed by a plan for developing the course modules in an eight-week time frame. The plan included a Project Plan, Template, Style Guide, Interview Guide, Editing Checklist, and Comprehensive Terminology List.

After WES approved the plan and a sample module, Contiem used six teams of training developers to interview the SMEs for each of the various modules. Business process procedures, system access, and demonstrations were provided by the SMEs to the training developers. After the review, Contiem finalized the modules for the scheduled courses.


With the combined efforts of Contiem and WES, the courses were rapidly developed while minimizing overall training costs. The Contiem plan reduced the amount of time SMEs spent in the development process, allowing them to focus on their responsibilities and project deadlines.

Contiem was able to ensure consistency in a short time frame by implementing a clearly defined development process for both the Contiem and WES teams. The efficient process met the WES scheduling requirements and provided WES with end-user training that fulfilled all of their goals.

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