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Forbes Recognizes Contiem: Why Content Creation is Essential For Your Business

Forbes cited Contiem in its recent article by John Hall, Senior Contributor: Why Content Creation Is Essential For Your Business And How You Can Improve Your Approach About Contiem Contiem has been the trusted content partner for companies and organizations such as American Express, the U.S. Federal Government, The Home Depot, Cisco Systems, UnitedHealthcare, eBay,…

Improving Training ROI for Salespeople and End Users

To leverage product training for the best return on investment (ROI), companies need to examine their audiences and match the solutions to those individuals. At Contiem, most of the product and equipment training programs are developed for salespeople or end-users. Instructional designers and technical writers first need to ensure the desired product information applies to…

Complete Training Solutions for Your Company

InfoPros has more capacity to develop customized training solutions and can easily transition legacy training programs into online learning, saving your company time, money, and resources.

7 Steps for a Successful Medical Device Launch

A medical device launch represents a significant revenue investment and profit opportunity for a company. Launching a new medical device can yield new markets, bring new customers, and increase business with existing customers. Contiem is well-versed in medical device launches, and we have the technical content expertise you need to be efficient and successful. From…