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Translations Made Simple


If your content requires language translations, Contiem can manage that process for you. Our translation services are available for all types of documentation, including manuals, online help, and eLearning. We work with our clients before and throughout the content development process to address their specific translation needs regarding volume, turnaround time, template space, text minimization, and authoring tools. We provide cost-effective solutions, high-quality deliverables, and fast turnaround times.

Contiem manages the translation of various types of content — some Clients periodically submit one or two very large documents, while other Clients submit dozens of documents a month. One long-term partner had us translate hundreds of documents and schematics — which they had available as scanned images only — from Chinese to English to Mexican Spanish in order to support their factory move.

Regardless of the volume, nature, and medium of the content, Contiem works with Clients to formulate a customized method for submitting, tracking, and delivering all translated documents, while improving process efficiencies and maintaining effective communication. Contiem also performs its own final, post-translation Quality Assurance (QA) process regarding the layout and formatting requirements of all translated documents to ensure the integrity of the final delivered product.

Translation Project Management

We begin each project with a proven process that builds quality and consistency into each step. Our Client Solutions team develops content specifically for translation, which often reduces translation costs and turnaround times.

Our dedicated translation project coordinator works directly with our translation partner and its team of translators, desktop publishers, and proofreaders throughout the duration of the project.

When a Client’s files are ready for translation, our translation project coordinator drives each step of the process:

  1. The project coordinator prepares the information to be translated and sends all files to our translation partner.
  2. The files are assigned to translators who only translate into their native languages.
  3. The translation is reviewed and edited as needed.
  4. The desktop publisher formats the files accordingly.
  5. The files are proofread to ensure translations and formatting is correct.
  6. A final quality assurance check is performed by Contiem.
  7. Final deliverables are sent to the Client.


Contiem supports and manages all aspects of our Clients’ translation project. We make it simple for businesses to manage content and its translation into the language necessary to meet their users’ needs. Our skill set and level of professionalism ensures:

  • Translation consistency within and across each Client organization’s content array
  • Reduced costs by leveraging translation memory tools to translate new content only
  • Optimized turnaround time
  • Final content storage and organization to minimize the cost of future translation projects.

Working together, we strive to provide the results needed to strengthen our Clients’ global presence.

About Contiem

Contiem has been the trusted content partner of choice for companies and organizations such as American Express, the U.S. Federal Government, The Home Depot, Cisco Systems, UnitedHealthcare, eBay, Facebook, and many more.

When you engage Contiem, we take the time to listen and develop an in-depth understanding of your immediate needs and longer-term challenges. Then, leveraging the capabilities that make us unique, we will provide a best-in-class, client-focused solution designed to achieve your business goals.

Experienced in a host of authoring software and with a wide variety of industries, we specialize in delivering a blend of services for documenting products and processes, training development, translation and localization, and content management.

Whether you need a complete training program to augment a new product or service, or you require job aids for internal learning, Contiem has the experience and skills to deliver the results you are looking for.