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Consider the total cost of content development and management.

Content Cost Savings

The true cost of developing, maintaining, and managing content is often underestimated and — without the right plan — can spiral out of control. Contiem is the content Managed Services Provider to help you understand the cost drivers and create a healthy content ecosystem.


Secure your ecosystem.

Engaging outside contractors poses a serious threat to your IT ecosystem; the cost of recovery from a security breach can be astronomical. Our work with the U.S. Department of Defense requires our compliance with its data security stipulations throughout our IT environment — including remote workers — which protects all of our clients.


Reduce “people costs.”

Finding and retaining employees who consistently produce high-quality output always is a challenge, particularly since the COVID Era performance shifts. Contiem provides the solution: engage a company, rather than an individual.

  • Avoid personnel costs, including the high cost of employee turnover
  • Consider the true cost of each employee: recruiting, hiring, training, benefits, office space, HR support, equipment, security, IT support, mentoring, supervision, scheduling, and more.

  • Ensure the most efficient resources for your needs
  • Rest assured that the right people are on your project team to make the most of every hour spent on your deliverables.

  • Accommodate a varied workload
  • Pay only for the work you need, rather than retaining a salaried content developer you may not be able to keep busy full-time. If the developer is busy, you may need to wait until they become available. We are here when you need us and can augment your project team in periods of higher demand.

  • Leave the project management to us
  • Every project/engagement price includes a project manager responsible for the entire process, including the scope, budget, and timeline. Our project managers provide regular status reports and ensure any issues are addressed.

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Keep your employees focused on their core competencies and roles.

A common notion is that subject matter experts make good technical writers or instructional designers, which usually is not the case.

  • Offload your staff by leaving technical communication to the experts
  • Your engineers, product developers, and marketing professionals are critical to scaling your business. We enable you to let them do what they do best while we provide you with what we do best.

  • Minimize time required of your staff
  • We know the right questions to ask to most efficiently gather source material and information from your technical staff, minimizing their time commitment. We incorporate style and branding requirements from your marketing group or recommend these elements if they are not yet established.

  • Produce content on time
  • Content development often delays a product’s release and may result in substandard documentation due to hasty writing. Our managed services, supported by our DoD-level secure infrastructure, efficient content development tools and content management software, will minimize time to market to maximize your revenue.

  • Consider the full content ecosystem
  • Our experts continually identify opportunities for efficiencies. With world-class expertise in both content development and content management, we can analyze your situation and recommend the best options to create, manage, organize, synchronize, translate, secure, and publish your content. Our solutions span the whole enterprise and reduce duplication of effort among and within departments. The increase in productivity cost savings typically experienced after implementing a solid documentation strategy cannot be overstated.

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Receive skilled, “been there/done that” resources who ensure high-quality deliverables.

We stay abreast of the latest tools and technologies to deliver appropriate, scalable solutions to keep pace with your evolving content needs.

  • Documentation quality affects your bottom line.
  • Better documentation quality generally reduces customer support costs, which can be significant and often unplanned. The right content encourages repeat business and can shorten future sales cycles.

  • Content management needs to be part of your documentation strategy.
  • The cost of poor content management can be astronomical and will only increase until a sound strategy is in place. Content management affects documentation quality by determining how content is found, maintained, used, generated, secured, and distributed. Relationships among documents are critical; for example, an update in one place must efficiently be made everywhere.

  • Technical communication is a specialty.
  • Documentation is often written by software developers, engineers, support staff, product managers, or marketing professionals. In most cases, these individuals don’t have training or experience in technical content development, technical communication, or instructional design. Our technical writers, instructional designers, and courseware developers have earned degrees in their respective areas and have the skills and experience you need.

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RSuite, our component content management system (CCMS) offers unlimited time savings to your end-users, particularly in the area of semantic search.

RSuite derives more value from your content by matching content to a user’s intent, searching topics, concepts, and associations — not just literal keywords — that may span a vast number of sources. When the right content can be found immediately, your employees are more productive, and your customers are happy.

We created semantic data services to support search, automated correlation, and semantic navigation. Implementation of semantic data services is specific to each client; however, the end results always provide a more efficient way to organize, retrieve, and understand your data.

  • Automatic Tagging
  • Enable an enormous increase in productivity for developing artifact correlation and search/retrieval solutions by removing the manual process of tagging content. Our Smart Tagging automatically correlates content to minimize irrelevant artifacts from hindering artifact discovery. Manual tagging can require more than 100 hours for a single document; our semantic data services can perform the same task in seconds! Over a large document cluster (50-150), RSuite can save you thousands of hours in employee productivity.

  • Semantic Navigation
  • Eliminate hours of searching through irrelevant artifacts, which can be particularly challenging when the artifact corpus is large — say, 100M+ text documents, videos, audio files, and/or images from 1,000+ sources.

  • Targeted Search
  • Classify objects in accordance with client models which can preserve organizational knowledge within existing IT systems. Enable implicit relationship extractions, which improve search accuracy.

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Reduce unit cost.

In the manufacturing world, unit cost is often the key to profitability. At Contiem, we take the same approach with content: we are uniquely focused on reducing your unit cost.

What is the cost to produce one page of product documentation, one minute of eLearning, or one SOP update? Having worked with hundreds of companies on thousands of projects, we have established benchmarks for creating and updating all types of content.

Our project managers track the cost of all the work we do. As we learn more about your business and leverage the benchmarks we have established, we will make recommendations that often allow us to reduce unit costs by 50-75% within the first year.

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