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USA TODAY Notes Contiem's CCMS in Content Management Strategy Article

We are pleased to have been included in an article by Jon Stojan on USATODAY.com.

Annapolis, Md., October 12, 2023 – Contiem, the global leader in delivering content solutions, software, and services for large enterprise and governmental organizations worldwide, is pleased to have been mentioned in the following article featured on USATODAY.com:

4 Reasons a Content Management Strategy Is Critical to Business Success
content management

Stojan writes, “Content may be king, but chaotic content can do more harm than good. As search engines become more sophisticated and consumers continue to grow smarter, brands can no longer create content listlessly. They must have clear guidelines, parameters, and plans in place.

In other words, they need a content management strategy.

This is a blueprint that guides a company through the content creation, publishing, and management process. Here are some of the biggest reasons a quality content management strategy is important for a successful business.

1. A Content Management Strategy Maximizes Content Value

A content management strategy ensures that a marketing team gets the most out of every piece of content that it creates. One way this manifests is with component content management (CCMS) tools. According to Contiem, a global leader in content solutions, software, and services, CCMS is a platform that allows content management at a more detailed level.

From individual words and articles to videos, users can focus on content at a component level. These sophisticated content systems allow a brand to write content once and then use it in many different places. It takes everything from translation to personalization into account.

When a brand invests in a content management strategy, it can use a CCMS to great effect to repurpose content. This reduces costs and boosts content-related ROI. It also enables self-service content options and ensures end users have a smooth experience, even across different channels and touchpoints.”1

About Contiem

Contiem is the global leader in delivering innovative content solutions, software, and professional services to companies ranging from Fortune 500 to the U.S. Federal Government. Contiem offers a complete collection of products and services required to create, manage, and deliver the content that large and small enterprises and governmental organizations need to run their business globally.

Contiem has headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland, and operates in the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and throughout the United States, serving over 400 clients in 40 countries.

1Stojan, Jon (2023, October 12). “How to Increase Customer Satisfaction With the Right Amount of Hand-Holding,” USATODAY.com, https://www.usatoday.com/story/special/contributor-content/2023/10/12/4-reasons-a-content-management-strategy-is-critical-to-business-success/71157367007/.